Deep Sea

Design Challenge: Use Processing to create an experience that requires user input
In Deep Sea, players use their cursor to control the angler fish along a vertical axis. Smaller deep sea fish are continually drawn towards the light of the angler fish. While some of these fish give sustenance to the angler fish and increase the brightness of its glow, others are harmful, causing the light to diminish. The brightness of the light corresponds to the user's field of vision. If too many harmful fish are caught, the light will go out, thus ending the game. 

I wanted to create an incentive for play that was more intuitive and meaningful than purely a point system. The incentive aligns with the narrative of the game, creating a more interesting motivation for the user.

I coded the game in Processing, an animation-abased program that uses Java.

I wanted the soundtrack to add to the narrative and atmosphere of the game, and for the user to receive auditory feedback for their actions. The soundtrack was created in Logic Pro.